From One Boat Lover to Another..

From one boat lover to another…

Since the business was established in 1998, Chris Walcott has been the man behind Lagoon Marine’s one-stop shop for boating services. A lifetime boat owner and boat lover, Chris, personally oversees every part of Lagoon Marine’s operations. That’s why boat owners from Toledo to Cleveland continue to bring their boats to him year after year.

From washing, waxing, and buffing to small boat repairs to at your dock boat needs to indoor or outdoor storage, Lagoon Marine offers affordable, trustworthy and dependable services. We offer the ability to come to your dock for your boating needs, helping to avoid those sometimes expensive removal and  transportation fees. We can also help in the transportation of you boat to or from storage. And with our multiple buildings and large yard space your summer ride can have a place to rest out of the way for the cold season.
“Attention to detail is what sets us apart. I treat every boat that comes in like I do my own — sometimes even better!” says Chris. “Every product and service provider we use has been tested over the years and is the right one for the job!”