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Count Down To Boating Season!!



Time is running out…..get your work orders in before boating season begins!!!

If boats could talk, they’d brag about the treatment they get at Lagoon Marine!!


After a long winter, a tough season, or even just a rough weekend, boats come in to Lagoon Marine needing some TLC. They come out looking like they just came off the assembly line.

* Let Lagoon Marine guide and help you prepare your boat for the water.  Here is a sample Spring Checklist!

Lagoon Marine Spring is in the air


Lagoon Marine provides the services you need.

lagoon-marineLagoon Marine offers a full menu of detailing and maintenance services. We also offer special services for special needs. For example, customers regularly look to us to make arrangements to have storm damage, vandalism, accident, or mechanical repairs completed while their boats are in for service.

There’s more!

Lagoon Marine also offers year ’round storage for boats, trailers, campers, or special recreational equipment. Choose indoor storage, outdoor storage, or the combination of the two that best suits your needs.

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